What is dbol pct

There is a Dbol PCT plan that we can refer to as a pure Dbol PCT plan that somewhat breaks the rules of much of what has been discussed. A pure Dbol PCT plan will only be implemented if we are taking a short break; actually, it's not a full break but more or less a bridge or more aptly a hybrid of a bridge. Such use will normally only need to be considered by advanced steroid users, but it can be valuable in the sense of maintaining gains in-between full blown cycles. In this case, you may have let's say an approximate six week break in-between full blown cycles, and in this case a pure Dbol PCT plan will ensure you keep all the gains from your last cycle as you enter into a new one. The plan is simple; you will supplement with the SERM of your choice at a low dose, say 20mg of Nolvadex and 10mg of Dbol per day; the SERM will give you a natural testosterone boost and the Dianabol androgen replacement, and your gains will be protected.

3. Have you taken all possible from natural training? Some may wonder why did I include this here and I will tell you why. Because I see too many young guys who simple come to you and ask “ what are you using right now?” I look at them and think what makes them wanting to use steroids at this age and answer comes immediately lack of knowledge. Guys steroids are only %10 of success, rest is training and nutrition. Print this and remember it forever. Until you have not taken maximum results from natural training dont use steroids.

What is dbol pct

what is dbol pct


what is dbol pctwhat is dbol pctwhat is dbol pctwhat is dbol pctwhat is dbol pct