What does symbol/o mean

Simple: the letters from alpha to theta, plus one extra symbol in the 6th position (α , β , γ , δ , ε , ς , ζ , η , θ ) were playing the role of the nine digits, 1,2,3,...,9 (the role of the accent-mark, , will be explained in a moment). The next letter, iota (ι ), was standing for 10. Now, ια was 11, ιβ was 12, and so on, up to ιθ which was 19. Then, the next letter in order, kappa (κ ) was used to denote 20. Likewise, lambda (λ ) was 30. And so on, up to pi (π ) which was 80, and then an extra symbol, the qoppa ( ), was used for 90. Then, the next letter, rho (ρ ), was used to denote 100; sigma (σ ) was 200; and so on, up to the last letter of the alphabet, omega (ω ), which was standing for 800. One final extra-alphabetic symbol, the sampi ( ) was used to denote 900. From there on... well, you already noticed the small accent-mark at the upper-right of each Greek letter, right? This mark was used to mean “this is to be read as a number, not a word of the Greek language.” Now, when this mark was placed at the lower-left corner of the letter, it meant that the number was to be multiplied by 1000. Thus, α was denoting 1000. ( Note: there have been other notations, too, such as placing a horizontal bar over the letters of a number. In fact, this was the original practice; the one with the is a more recent one. There have also been different symbols for the numbers 6 and 90; a good description of the development of symbols for Greek numerals can be found here .)

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What does symbol/o mean

what does symbol/o mean


what does symbol/o meanwhat does symbol/o meanwhat does symbol/o meanwhat does symbol/o meanwhat does symbol/o mean