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In July 2006, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California – in which the suit was filed – rejected a federal government motion to dismiss the case. The motion to dismiss, which invoked the State Secrets Privilege, had argued that any court review of the alleged partnership between the federal government and AT&T would harm national security. The case was immediately appealed to the Ninth Circuit. It was dismissed on June 3, 2009, citing retroactive legislation in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. [ citation needed ]

I have contacted boost 3x’s with in the past 3 days. I almost got fired from my job because I called top get help with an error Vdm….which is actually associated with txt. The agent did a data refresh but never reactivated my phone. That same night I woke up like 3 hrs late for work. Altho that’s my fault my work tried to call me but couldn’t cause after the data refresh the agent didn’t reactivate my phone. I’ve spoken with several agents as well as supervisors and I’ve haven’t gotten anywhere! I believe…even tho being late was my fault….when my work calls…I answer. If the agent had reactivated my phone like procedure is after a data refresh…( I know cause I worked for Sprint about 3 yrs ago) then I wouldn’t still been in trouble but wouldn’t have received a write up. One supervisor transfers me while in the middle of me talking to someone else who couldn’t find my acct. HOW IS THAT WHEN I GOT TRANSFERRED TO THEM!

Mobile phone area codes in the Philippines are composed of three digits and always start with the number 9. Originally, there were only three prefixes or area codes used for mobile phones: 917 for Globe Telecom, 918 for Smart Communications and 973 for Express Telecom, the three existing mobile companies at the time. As service grew rapidly throughout the 1990s and even until today, existing codes have been exhausted and new codes have been added to fulfill demand. [Source: Wikipedia] – See more at: http:///mobile-number-prefixes-globe-smart-and-sun-cellular/#

Tmobile number

t mobile number


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