Tball socks

The other feature is that these socks are worn for over 12 hours and this means that when picking your socks, make sure that they can fit comfortably under the regular socks you wear to work or when working out. This means that the demand for night splints is reduced. For a buyer to achieve this, they much get a pair that will easily compress and hence keep the plantar ligament in a more stable position. One can consider the socks to be sleeping aids because they lower down the intensity and how frequent one experiences the pain, contributing to a more rested morning when you wake up.

It is important to note, the fit of your compression socks is crucial to finding out the benefits of wearing them. If you buy compression socks that are too loose they won’t give the right amount of pressure to help you and you might as well be wearing tube socks. On the other hand, wearing compression socks that are too tight can be dangerous. There isn’t much give to a compression sock and if it’s too tight you may cut off circulation to your feet and lower leg. You may also cause damage to your skin from it cutting into you. Make sure the fit feels good and you will have great feeling legs and ankles in no time.

Tball socks

t ball socks


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