T-ball pants

All The Information You Need: The information regarding age divisions & play nights is posted on the right hand side of this page.

All the important season dates (practices start, team list posting, Opening / Closing Day etc) are posted on the left hand side of this homepage.

Copies of last year's schedules for all divisions are left online (under schedule option) so you can see what a typical schedule looks like (will be essentially the same each year other than Team Names / Numbers and some field changes). Fields can be found under the Map & Forms menu option. Equipment and uniform info is listed on the left side of the homepage. You will not receive emails from the league (except for registration confirmations). We post all the necessary information on the homepage as per the important date schedule so we don't have to worry about emails winding up in people's junk mail folders and being missed. Team lists are posted here on the date listed in the Important Dates. Coaches may or may not contact players prior to the 1st Practice / Meet the coach session. The schedule and location for the Meet the Coach sessions will be posted on the homepage as per the Important Dates schedule. After you register & receive your registration confirmation, check the website weekly and watch for updated announcements.

T-ball pants

t-ball pants


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