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So, here is an update on the whole posting to Western Australia issue.
I have had may packages arrive until late last year. Since the supposed crack down, I have received just one and in one of the seizures was a half torn photocopied letter from the police, Organised Crime Squad apparently, stating my package had been seized, with a handwritten date, that looked like a child wrote it. Now I have had seizures before, trust me I know what they look like. Even showed a cop mate, she laughed and said no way would the police use that. Strangely though, the package was not even opened in anyway, I even took it to Aus post Joondalup and they confirmed this package had not been tampered with and that the package was indeed not delivered by australia post, as per the tracking number. It was lodged, but never delivered, yet it is in my possession. I'm Gonna go out on a limb here and say that whomever is in charge of posting orders to WA is scamming us, maybe even Ausjuice is being scammed by whom ever they use to post to WA. Tell me, how did the letter get in the satchel without it being opened? And how did it get delivered when even Australia Post says it was not delivered? And what I ordered was not even a banned/illegal substance. And please don't educate me on Australia Post, I run an Ecommerce website and use TOLL and Aus post every day, so I am well aware of how it works. Anyway, that is my story up until today...

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