Proviron vs nolvadex

Mars thanks for your input, I was actually also confused about the estrogen rebound am not exactly sure if that was from my cycle but I my nipples got puffy and feel there is fat around my nipple area.. I was told it was peasudo gyno.. my blood tests I took was for estradiol, progesterone serum, testosterone, prolactin.. and they came out all with in the normal range I don't have the numbers on me now but I will post them once I return home.. the doctor said am fine but I have very low libido like zero he said it's psychological which I doubt it is am perfectly fine so am not sure what the problem is.. am 5 '9 170 cm 83 kgs right now I'm doing cardio almost each day I'm working on reducing my fat levels..

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Proviron vs nolvadex

proviron vs nolvadex


proviron vs nolvadexproviron vs nolvadexproviron vs nolvadexproviron vs nolvadexproviron vs nolvadex