Primobolan 200mg/ml

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The recommended dose of Primobolan for men is 2-3 mg per kilogram of body weight. It is important to note here that this performance enhancing drug is strictly not meant for girls and women, unless suggested by a qualified medical practitioner after complete medical examinations. In no case, Primobolan should be used by a pregnant woman as one of its ingredients (metenolone acetate) could lead to virilization in the female newborn. This drug is also not meant for males and females suffering from prostate cancer because the disease activity can get aggravate after making use of Primobolan.

Primo 600mg pw weeks 1-12; Test enanthate 500mg pw weeks 1-12
Primo 600mg pw weeks 1-12; Test prop 100mg eod weeks 1-14; Tren enanthate 300-400mg pw weeks 1-10 (Superb cutting
cycle for advanced user)
There are many other different cycles you could do; these are just a few examples. Generally, the amount of Primo
you will use in the cycle will be down to how much you can afford, and how many injections you mind doing. As said
though, generally with Primo, the more you can do, the better, but a minimum amount would have to be no less than

Primobolan 200mg/ml

primobolan 200mg/ml


primobolan 200mg/mlprimobolan 200mg/mlprimobolan 200mg/mlprimobolan 200mg/mlprimobolan 200mg/ml