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The online American Safety Council Washington MAST Alcohol Server course is approximately 3 hours long. The course may be taken in one sitting or you may log out and resume the course at a later time. There is no maximum time limit for our course. You may take as much time as you need.

Upon successful completion of this course, American Safety Council will report your course completion to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.  Your permit will be mailed to the address you entered when you registered for the course.

Your Washington MAST Class 12 or Class 13 Permit is good for five years and expires on the first day of the month after the month you took your test. If you took your test September 20th, your permit will expire on October 1st.

I had a legit breakdown tonight when I realized that I was going to be out of this med again. Screaming, hysterically crying, the whole thing. This has been such a struggle for so long over something that is really, really stupid to argue about. No one argues that I don’t need the med. I don’t take more than I am directed, ever. No one argues that I should discard anything that might be contaminated and start over. But no one in any position to authorize something as silly as giving me three or four extra vials a week will do so. So I will be up all night hoping I don’t end up having anaphylaxis and going to the hospital if I have serious symptoms that could potentially become anaphylaxis even if they didn’t start that way.

This portable test equipment, through the use of adapter cables can be connected to any of the Q/Ka, X/Ka, Q Shore, and Legacy NMT systems.  The purpose of the equipment is to drive the train motor of these pedestals while the resistance and continuity of all circuit paths that traverse the slipring are automatically tested and recorded into a report.  The system can be connected at either the base of the pedestal, or in the electronics room at the CG cabinet so all interfacing CG cables may be tested in addition to the pedestal itself.  National Instruments PXI technology including the PXI-8101 Embedded Controller, PXI-6221 Multifunction DAQ, PXI-4065 6½-digit PXI DMM, and PXI-2527 64-Channel 300V Multiplexer Switch  are utilized at the heart of this system.  

Mast test e

mast test e


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