Mast plants

Henry Mast, Jr. retires in 2005 after establishing a working group of partners made up of family and non-family members. Those members include: Tim Stiles, Chris Mast, Paul Bouma, Shawn Koepnick, Leroy De Vries, and Ron Mercer. Whitewater Greenhouses in Wisconsin is purchased, located strategically close to the Chicago market. Greenhouse production triples to accommodate growth at Meijer and Home Depot stores in 14 states. At the same time, land is purchased for the creation of Masterpiece Flower Company, the sales, marketing and distribution component of Henry Mast Greenhouses. Peak Transportation , our own truck brokerage company, follows shortly after to help us get products from the greenhouses to the stores in record time.

Common names include false ashoka, the Buddha tree, Indian mast tree, and Indian fir tree. Its names in other languages include Ashoka in Sanskrit , Unboi (উনবৈ) or Debadaru (দেৱদাৰু) in Assamese , Debdaru in Bengali and Hindi , Asopalav ( Gujarati ), Glodogan tiang ( Indonesian ), Ashok in Marathi and Nettilinkam நெட்டிலிங்கம் in Tamil , and araNamaram : അരണമരം ( Malayalam ). The False ashoka was cultivated and gained popularity in British India for nostalgic reasons because it resembled the Mediterranean cypress, and also in order to be used to make ship masts. It does not require pruning in order to maintain its tall, straight, main trunk with short, drooping branches.

Mast plants

mast plants


mast plantsmast plantsmast plantsmast plantsmast plants