Lol diana rune page

" >>195831926
>Pantheon literally shits on everything Riven does
>She’s forced to max E if he maxes spears to not get destroyed by the point and click poke
>Retarded shield passive blocks an AA which means she misses burst on her fast combo (Not that you’ll be able to get it off before he stuns you anyway)
>Completely out trades you unless he’s retarded, and even then you’ll still get fucked up if you try to fight him
>Try to hit a single creep he all ins you
>Can dive and walk out with his said passive
Are you serious right now?" ;

 Her sire is the champagne stallion pictured below on this page, "Go Boy's Champagne Pride, which is also a son of a homozygous spotted stallion, "Go Boy's Gold Insignia".   (Go Boy's Champagne Pride is a minimally-expressed tobiano, as evidenced by the four long white stockings.)  (Click on picture to above LEFT to go to her info page for more pics, info and video.)  Every single baby that Princess' dam  has ever produced has been exceptionally gentle, sweet-natured and smooth-gaited.   We were going to try to keep her around, but tuition is coming due again.  $3850 for a nice family-type horse.

Lol diana rune page

lol diana rune page


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