Intermediate lean bulk cycle

For some, lean bulking means following a bulking phase which also limits unnecessary fat gain . This is opposed to the so called “dirty bulking” which describes bulking without a regard for fat gain and often an abundance of junk food. In this sense, what we describe in this article as bulking, and the subsequent sample meal plan, is lean bulking . The point of bulking is to facilitate an environment which is optimal for muscle gain, and this can be achieved without the need to notably increase fat levels which will just have to be reduced at a later date.

Notes: This is a single-leg, bent-knee deadlift – one of my very own creations! Stand on one leg (starting with the weak side) and bend the other leg up until the lower leg is parallel to the ground. Place your hands on the hips or by your side. The aim is to bend the knee of the supporting leg until the knee of the non-supporting leg is brushing the ground. In reality, you may have to settle for a shorter range (you'll understand why as soon as you do this workout). If the aforementioned is the case – and I expect that it will be – look to increase the range from workout to workout.

Intermediate lean bulk cycle

intermediate lean bulk cycle


intermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycle