Dinobot snarl

Snarl appears with the rest of the Dinobots in the 2012 video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron . Snarl is present when the Lightning Strike Coalition Force travels to the Sea of Rust to find out that Shockwave had abducted a tower used by ancient Cybertronians. However, during the investigation, a swarm of Insecticons attack them, and ultimately kill Sludge. Snarl and the others become Shockwave's experiments, resulting in their transformation into Dinobots. Snarl is tortured by Sharpshot, the insecticon leader, until Grimlock frees him. Snarl, Slug and Swoop witness the collapse of Shockwave's tower, with Grimlock trapped in the tower. Snarl was voiced by Sam Reigel.

Despite his chunky looking design and weighty die-cast body, Snarl is prone to a number of major and minor damages. His hind legs are held closed by a small clip on the transparent shin piece, which breaks easily and often. His tail halves are stabilized by two pairs of thin silver pegs that make the joint click into place. Often, these pins are broken or missing, but unnoticed due to their inconspicuous location inside of the joint, visible from Snarl’s back. When handling vintage samples, this breakage can be avoided by applying outward pressure at the hinge and rotating the tail half slowly.

The starting members of the Autobots included Jazz and Ratchet . Sentinel Zeta Prime was the leader of the Autobots for much of the war. Orion Pax took the name Optimus, not yet holding the rank of Prime, during the war. He was likely second-in-command or just field commander of the Autobots. Ultra Magnus joined the Autobots around the time of the Battle of the Hydrax Plateau . His regiment was named the Wreckers and fought the Decepticons alongside other Autobots. After Vos was destroyed, several Seekers joined the Autobots and became known as the Aerialbots . After the destruction of Praxus , Prowl and Ironhide joined the Autobots. During the Battle of the Tagan Heights , Defensor was built. Bumblebee joined the Autobots before he lost his voicebox by Megatron's claws at  Tyger Pax . Jetfire joined the Autobots after Megatron took over the Trypticon Station . The Dinobots joined the Autobots before Transformers: Fall of Cybertron . Omega Supreme was activated during Transformers: War for Cybertron . During Fall of Cybertron , Metroplex was also activated and helped the Autobots. Smokescreen joined the Autobots after Team Prime landed on Earth . The time that the other Autobots joined the group is unknown. Any Autobots after the war seem to be either law-enforcement officers and ordinary civilians rather than warriors and military soldiers.

Dinobot snarl

dinobot snarl


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