Diebold voting machines

Wired Magazine reported in 2007 that an editor using a Diebold IP address had removed negative information from the Diebold Wikipedia page, with the information later moved to a more appropriate location . [46] Diebold was increasingly focusing on technology related to mobile banking as of 2008, [47] incorporating mobile banking into many of its products. That year Diebold was selected to be the sole ATM provider at certain Beijing Olympics venues. [13] In March 2008, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a large engineering and defense conglomerate, announced it had made a $ billion bid to buy Diebold, which was later rejected as too low. [11] In October 2008, UTC announced it was breaking off acquisition talks after Diebold rejected the offer. [48] The company had 17,000 workers worldwide by April 2009. [21] In 2009 Bank Technology News ranked Diebold as No. 1 on its FINTECH 100 list of ATM providers. [13]

The report that was published by The Intercept , which had been leaked, I believe, by the NSA , it showed that the private software companies have been hacked into. And it was pretty definitive evidence. What it did not show was who did it. The identification of Russia, again, was a presumption. This is presumption all based on work done by CrowdStrike, a private cybersecurity company with rather questionable professional, you know, reputation and with conflicts of interest, hired by the DNC , which also, by the way, refused to allow the FBI to examine the server. So, there are just a number of weird things about this whole process of figuring out who did it. You know, it shouldn’t have been delegated to a private security firm hired by the DNC to decide this. This should have been done, you know, by our own security agencies. So there are a number of funny things going on here.

Even if the fight isn’t partisan for Curling, party politics have certainly tainted the issue of election security. President Donald Trump still casts doubt over whether Russia interfered in last year’s election, despite the intelligence community’s assessment . Instead of encouraging states to bolster the security of the voting machines, the Trump administration is asking them to hand over sensitive information about voters as part of a voter fraud commission. Aggregating voters’ names, birth dates, voting history and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers into one place presents a gold mine for hackers, warned former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Diebold voting machines

diebold voting machines


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