Devol kitchens

Great post! I am excited that traditional decor is making a big comeback. I like to consider my style to be traditional with a trendy twist (and lots of flourishes!). I see so many rooms online that look like catalog shoots where everything is new. I have always liked to mix old, new, handmade, inexpensive, and pricier items for the collected look. I love to collect and hunt for items. I even recently found a bust similar to yours that I am just gaga for. She just got a prominent spot in the living room after taking down the holiday decor. Happy New Year to you and your family, Erin! :-)

It may help others may not. We ended up proceeding with Willow Tree they seem to offer 3 services

Standard sized range
Standard sized with mixed bespoke
Fully bespoke

We looked at DeVol & Neptune however really don't like the Chinese production side of Neptune and DeVols's price actually come in higher in the end. DeVol's price was cheaper until it got down to the little things that were pointed out by a friend that were not done/included. Tom Howley is beautiful there is no question however the price is ver high.

Hope this helps people

Devol kitchens

devol kitchens


devol kitchensdevol kitchensdevol kitchensdevol kitchensdevol kitchens