Denebola hr diagram

Tied up with benefic stellar bodies, Altair is credited with bestowing hardiness, courage and generosity, especially if on the Ascendant. If Mercury and Moon are positioned here, this will make people as bold as brass and foolhardy in order to assert themselves. Near the upper Meridian (MC) and in good aspect, Altair promises rise in life and honors. The native tries with sincere conviction to reach out for his aims with utmost will-power. He will avoid nothing in order to achieve them. Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men. [ Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation , Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, .]

Denebadigege was used in the Alfonsine Tables , [26] other variants include Deneb Adige , Denebedigege and Arided . This latter name was derived from Al Ridhādh , a name for the constellation. Johann Bayer called it Arrioph , derived from Aridf and Al Ridf , 'the hindmost' or Gallina . German poet and author Philippus Caesius termed it Os rosae , or Rosemund in German, or Uropygium – the parson's nose. [8] The names Arided and Aridif have fallen out of use.

Denebola hr diagram

denebola hr diagram


denebola hr diagramdenebola hr diagramdenebola hr diagramdenebola hr diagramdenebola hr diagram