Dbol kidney pain

Looking for feedback from someone who may be feeling my pain.
I am on a D-Boll/Sust 250 cycle
50 mg of D-Boll and that is broken up with 25mg am and the 25 mg preworkout afternoon.
Sust is 500 ml EOD and going down next week to 250 ml EOD this Monday
also taking Provimed 50 mg a day broken up in 25mg day/afternoon
I been doing great on the cycle (weight is up 12lbs.) and looking Swole..
This past week HUGE "Bi-Lateral" Kidney Pain, went to Dr's and they took urine test
Urine came back (just a tad high on Protein in urine)
They ordered blood test.... calls me back says all is good my hemoglobin is like .2 high which is nothing.
Its not my Liver thats killing me its my kidneys... I laid off for 3 days now and still this is not going away!!
Plenty of water, doesn't hurt when i pee so not kidney stones.. I don't get it...
Anyone think the Sust could be doing this or the D-Boll ???
I thought it was Liver i had to be looking out for and yes I take a Liver recovery pill (2x a day) forgot the name.
Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated...
Peace & Good Health

Dbol kidney pain

dbol kidney pain


dbol kidney paindbol kidney paindbol kidney paindbol kidney pain